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The Buy Better Food


Campaign for sustainable


food on the public plate

The Buy Better Food


Campaign for sustainable


food on the public plate

We are a Europe-wide coalition of more than 100 members, calling for public procurement rules that work for the environment, consumers, and workers, and that provide healthy food to all European citizens in public places such as schools, hospitals and elderly care homes.


Our Visionis that,by 2030, Europe's food system is healthy for both people and the planet, based on sustainable and fair food production on healthy land, providing healthy food for all.


Sustainable Food Procurement can play a pivotal role in driving food system transformation in Europe and beyond.


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Our Coalition

Our Buy Better Food Coalition is a network of non-profit entities, including local and regional governments, as well as civil society organisations sharing the commitment to improve human, societal and environmental health by transforming the EU’s agrifood system. We strive to represent a diverse pool of members with different backgrounds, affiliations, and expertise from all European countries.


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Public procurement has the opportunity to incentivise more organic, sustainable and local production, leading to healthier diets and a fairer distribution of food in society. It is therefore high time that the EU sets targets to promote organic, sustainable and regional food in public canteens, in hospitals and in schools!

Sarah Wiener, MEP (Greens), chef and organic farmer

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Procurement officers are one of the keys to making tenders more sustainable. We have a unique opportunity to create the much needed changes to the food system. As a procurement lawyer and public purchaser you can bring the political goal to life through small changes in the tender document, which may be decisive in making the food chain more sustainable (also in distant countries).

Betina Bergmann Madsen, Chief procurement officer in the municipality of Copenhagen

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Public food has the enormous potential to create a virtuous interplay between economic development and social inclusion, bringing to the front the unique role of local authorities in shaping up new (and much needed) constituencies around the objectives of sustainable development.

Roberta Sonnino, Professor of Sustainable Food Systems at Centre for Environment and Sustainability, University of Surrey

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