Sustainable Food Procurement Manifesto

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The Sustainable Food Procurement manifesto calls for a minimum standard for public canteens across the EU as part of implementing the Farm to Fork strategy. It contains precise targets, procurement tender criteria, verification and enablers for seven actionable target areas which go beyond ‘green’ (or environmentally friendly) public procurement (GPP): healthy food; organic and other agro-ecological practices; support for small-scale farmers; climate action; social economy and labour rights; fair trade; and animal welfare.



The Manifesto is an inspiration for policy makers at all levels of government. On 11 October 2022, during a key event at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels, the Manifesto was handed over to Alexandra Nikolakopoulou, Head of Unit for the Farm to Fork strategy at the European Commission. The Manifesto is endorsed by several expert organisations, and local and regional governments from around Europe.



Translations of the Manifesto in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Slovak are now available!

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In collaboration with the Institute for European Environmental Policy, we developed the Sustainable food procurement - Review of good practices across the EU (2022), where we highlight what is already happening in European countries today when it comes to sustainable public food procurement supporting the case for the minimum standards proposed in the Manifesto.

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