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Joint letter to call for this Commission to leave a legacy of the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy through sustainable public food procurement

The core team of Buy Better Food, together with several European organisations, sent a joint letter to President Ursula von der Leyen and the European Commission calling for a long-lasting legacy of the EU Farm to Fork strategy through sustainable public food procurement (SFP).

The letter builds on the Manifesto for Minimum Standards in EU Public Canteens, highlighting standards such as 20% organic products, reduced animal proteins, minimum 10% of food products from small-scale producers, and an EU standard for Healthy School Meals combined with food education. This joint letter contends that the minimum mandatory standards in Public Food Procurement offer a unique strategy to make the Farm to Fork Strategy a reality and rectify the shortcomings of the current food system.

"Small Plate, Big Impact!" The outlined standards provide a tangible roadmap for transforming public food procurement, fostering healthier communities, resilient small-scale farming, and a sustainable European future.

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