Sustainable Food Procurement Review of good practices across the EU

At the European level, programmes have been developed to support sustainable procurement. For example, the EU has set up “Green Public Procurement” criteria and the "Buy Social" guide, which aim to help public authorities implement sustainable procurement from an environmental, social, health, economic and political perspective. However, these initiatives remain voluntary and European and national legislation (law and policies) can impede the development of sustainable food procurement at the local level. Still, innovative sustainable food initiatives are increasingly being developed by cities and regional authorities and good practices that could be scaled-up should be highlighted and disseminated.

This policy brief presents innovative examples of sustainable food procurement (SFP) developed by local authorities to identify good practices and inform decision-makers. It first gives an overview of the cases identified in the EU, then it provides examples of successful SFP from an environmental, economic and social point of view. Finally, it draws conclusions on the levers and barriers to the development of SFP.


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